Below you’ll find a list of the the classes I teach for CU Boulder and links to their associated web sites, as well as links to a few general web sites I manage. If you’re a student looking for my office hours or other help info, see the Help for Students page.

WRTG 3020: Rhetoric of Gender, Sexuality, & New Media

Offered: Spring 2014 & Fall 2014 (hybrid format)
Class Blog: GenderAndNewMedia.net

WRTG 3090/ATLS 3519: Storytelling Through New Media

Offered: Spring 2014 & Fall 2014 (T/R format)
Class Blog: NewMediaStorytelling.net
Overview: Class Info

  • WRTG 3035: Technical Communication & Design
  • LGBT 2000: Intro to LGBT Studies
  • WRTG 2090: Writing for Digital Media
  • WRTG 3020: Education and Public Policy
  • WRTG 3040: Business and Society

Rhetoric of Gender & Sexuality

Resources for students and scholars interested in the rhetoric of gender and sexuality in American culture. Content produced by and for WRTG 3020 students.

PWR Teaching Writing with Technology Blog

A collaborative effort, along with the Tech Committee and others, to share digital pedagogy and composition resources with the PWR faculty. (No longer available due to reorganization of PWR web spaces.)

Digital Writing 101

Digital environments have fundamentally changed the way people read and communicate. So why are we teaching students to write to audiences that won’t exist in the future, using mediums that are relics of the pre-digital world?

To communicate successfully in digital environments and with digital media, students need training in the core principles of digital rhetoric. This site is a step in the direction of offering that training.