Honeymoon Photos

For our honeymoon, we spent an entire week at Disney World in Florida, which gave us the chance to visit all our favorite parks and to relax a bit in the pool. We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom as well as to both sides of Universal Studios, and we stayed at the lovely Disney resort of Port Orleans.

When we arrived, we were given newlywed pins reading “Happily Ever After,” which we wore each day, and we were floored by how many Disney cast members and Universal park attendants went out of their way to say “congratulations” to us!

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Our “newlyweds” pins, along with the lobby of the Port Orleans resort.

Below are a few of our favorite photos from the trip (also available on this Google Photos album: A&C HONEYMOON). Click to enlarge:

Ride Videos

A new feature at Disney this year: ride videos!

Here’s one from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride (and yes, it’s Dwarfs, not Dwarves):

And here’s one from the Tower of Tower at Hollywood Studios: