How Did I Get Here?

Surprise! This isn’t where you were trying to go, but it’s where you ended up being redirected if you tried to access one of the web sites I no longer maintain or have put on hold.

Hopefully these links will point you in the right direction:

Looking for Lesbian Identity Papers?

Visit the Papers page or use the Papers tab in the top menu.

Looking for Digital Writing Help?

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Looking for My Blog?

Were you looking for the blog of a reclusive writer who speaks fluent geek, never met a sentence she couldn’t revise, and provides lap space for three adoring Chihuahuas?

I put “on hold” for the spring of 2016, while I work on my first novel. I’ll eventually repurpose the blog to focus mainly on reading and writing endeavors.

Looking for Course Info?

If you came here looking for info on one of the courses I used to teach, check out: