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Staying up to date on the changing nature of literacy

Interested in staying current on the conversation about the changing nature of literacy? Browse through: Digital literacy resources recently shared on the PWR Digital Composition Facebook group.

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One approach to defining digital literacy

I wrote this post for the PWR Teaching Writing with Technology blog as a way of providing one approach to defining digital literacy in the context of a writing class so that it makes sense to students: One approach to defining digital literacy.

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Evernote for Transliteracy

I just came across this presentation while looking for more cool things to do with EverNote. EverNote is quite possibly the most handy digital tool I’ve ever used, and I frequently recommend it to students, but until I saw this presentation, I hadn’t thought about how useful it would be to students who are working on research projects. The fact …

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Information Media and Digital Literacy

I came across this image a while ago and saved it on my computer, but I forgot to record where I found it, so I didn’t post it here. And then I forgot about it. I just came across it again, so this time I’m including a link to the source. It’s kind of a nice visual representation of the …

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The Multitasking Generation

This March 2006 article from Time magazine explores how multitasking has become a defining characteristic of young people today.

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If today's fifth graders are making video documentaries instead of writing research papers, what will count as "writing" by the time they arrive at college?