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What should college graduates know and be able to do?

Good question! I suspect what they really college graduates need most are skills and knowledge that (a) are incredibly hard to measure; and, even more to the point, (b) are incredibly hard to teach. What Degrees Should Mean Inside Higher Ed, January 25, 2011 What should a college graduate know and be able to do? There are as many views …

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“Editing Matters”

From the January 14, 2011 edition of Inside Higher Ed: “Editing Matters” by Carmen Werder and Karen Hoelscher Editing — oh, whoop-de-do — hardly a topic of intense interest in and of itself. One challenge of focusing on issues such as grammar and usage is that they seem to matter only when they’re not in place. Unlike matters of content, …

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How to Search the CU Library’s Databases of Articles

NOTE:  When you go to the CU Library main page, you’ll see a search window you can use to search Chinook, which is the library’s online catalog of books and other hard copy materials. Use the Chinook search window ONLY if you’re looking for books or other materials you plan to go to the library in person to check out …

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What is rhetoric?

PLEASE NOTE: This handout is subject to perpetual revision! VERY BRIEF OVERVIEW At its heart, rhetoric is the study of how knowledge is created and shared through communication practices that include reading, writing, and speaking. Rhetoric gives us the tools we need to study these communication practices so that we better understand how and why we respond to certain messages …

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The Multitasking Generation

This March 2006 article from Time magazine explores how multitasking has become a defining characteristic of young people today.

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If today's fifth graders are making video documentaries instead of writing research papers, what will count as "writing" by the time they arrive at college?